Watch Wayang Kulit Being Made

This video presents the various steps involved in creating wayang kulit figures. The artists were filmed in different villages in Central Java in 2007.

  • Suyoto prepares waterbuffalo hide.
  • Hadi Siswanto, Rejo Sumarto, and Giyarno make puppet sticks from waterbuffalo horns.
  • Rukun Santoso cuts and punches waterbuffalo hide to create wayang characters. Thoyib demonstrates punching the hide with incredible detail.
  • Tri Suwarno sands the wayang structure so it is smooth.
  • Marino paints the wayang figure and embellishes it with gold leaf.
  • Riyadi Dwi Susanto forms puppet sticks to custom fit individual wayang figures, and attaches the sticks with a needle and thread.