©1997 Museum of International
Folk Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Angel Wisdom, justice, knowledge, protection, faith, inspiration

Bars Despair, hopelessness, confinement, life interrupted

Birds Peace, harmony, courting/dating, companionship, building a family, freedom, life, liberty

Blood Life, power, spiritual life

Bubbles Mystery, distance, history, dreams, visions

Butterfly Beauty, new creation, rebirth, new spiritual life, a clean life (drug free)

Car/Low Rider Independence, freedom, distinction, mobility, rebellion

Chains Incarceration, brutality, confinement

Clown Hidden feelings, masks, false pretenses

Gun Death, evil power, revenge, revolution

Heart Love, devotion

Hourglass Time passing slowly, jail sentence

Jesus (The Man of Sorrows, "El Chuy") hope, truth, salvation, creator, life  

Key Freedom from oppression and incarceration, knowledge, wisdom, opportunity

Mexican Revolutionary Figures (Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa, Joaquín Murrieta) Ethnic pride, reclamation of the past, dignity, cultural preservation

Pachuco Nostalgia, resistance to assimilation, ethnic pride

Peacock Beauty, pride, machismo, anger

Playing Cards Gambling, risks, vice

Praying Hands  Faith, unity through faith in God

Rose Hope, passion, beauty

Snake Evil, Satan, the dark side of man, temptation, corruption, drugs

Spider Web Entrapment, imprisonment

Tears Grief, sorrow, pain, death

Unicorn Magic, myth, romance, rebirth, purity, isolation, loneliness, alienation

Watch Tower Prison, authority, surveillance

Virgin of Guadalupe/La Virgen de Guadalupe Patron saint of Mexico and Hispanic peoples, mother, protector, comforter